Confederate Clothing Banned in Charleston Schools


Items bearing the confederate flag are now banned in the South Carolina school district where a gunman killed nine African-American people inside a church.  The code of conduct for Charleston County Schools prohibits students from wearing clothing, jewelry and other apparel showing the confederate flag while on campus.

Students with a confederate flag or a prominent image of one on their vehicle will be asked to remove it.  A letter updating the policy states the move was made “in light of a year marred with racially divisive and tragic events.”

There is some concern over whether the change violates students’ right to free speech.  One lawyer says that freedom can be limited in schools if it poses a distraction.

Dylann Roof, the accused gunman in the church shooting, has been shown in pictures with the confederate flag. He’s been indicted on nine counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder. His trial is scheduled to begin next July.

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