Completion date for phase one of Broughton street construction pushed to Spring 2022


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Phase one of the Broughton Street construction is expected to wrap in Spring of 2022. Phase one involves widening the street’s sidewalks, expanding on-street parking, and underground utility improvements.

The construction has been heavily delayed due to the pandemic. Phase one began roughly the same time the pandemic started. Susan Broker with the city’s office of special events and tourism tells WSAV that it wasn’t just the pandemic causing delays.

“Never been to a construction site that I’ve worked on in Savannah where you didn’t find something you didn’t know was there,” she says. “So that’s part of doing construction in a historic city.”

The city is confident in its Spring 2022 timetable. However, businesses will still feel the strain from construction for months to come.

Construction outside Tracy Gunn’s store, the Soapery Savannah, has already finished. She’s happy to see the widened sidewalks and other amenities, but overall the construction still impacts her business.

“The access to get down through the construction is very restrictive,” Gunn says. “Broughton Street is one of the most sought after shopping area in Savannah. If you see an area of construction, typically you’ll go down another street and venture in other shopping areas.”

With the holiday season upon us, the city is doing what it can to better promote business on the street. The city employs an ambassador who walks up and down the construction zone letting people know it’s okay to walk through.

The city is also working with the contractors on a modified schedule during the holiday shopping months. However, with how long construction has been delayed Tracy Gunn would rather continue construction.

“I would prefer that they just keep working as they did last year. They were in front of our store on our block during Christmas and it’s no different.”

There is currently no word on what that schedule may look like.

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