Company creates remote summer internship opportunities to keep students employed


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) —Thousands of students have had their summer internship offers rescinded since staff members from many companies are working from home. 

Many students have come to rely on internships for work experience that is crucial in helping them decide a career path and build a professional network.

While many companies across the country have suspended their internship programs for the summer, GRUBBRR, a payment technology company, was quick to create a remote internship program to keep student interns employed for the summer. 

CEO of the company Sam Zietz says more than 75% of summer internship opportunities across the nation have been canceled because of the impact of the pandemic. 

“They thought they were all set, and all of a sudden, now they’re panicking they thought for the last seven months they were okay, and now they’re scrambling,” CEO Sam Zietz said.

Between their onsite and off-site interns, GRUBBRR will employ 40 students from all over the country this summer who will get experience in marketing, development, research, and more. 

“Now, really the entire country is our oyster from a recruiting perspective,” Zietz said. 

“Our head of recruiting reported back to me that she had career placement people literally in tears crying telling stories about how all their students had lost their jobs for the summer, and that we were the only company to reach out to see what we could do to help,” he added. 

“Now, we’re not completely self-serving. We’re getting unbelievable talent and unbelievable students.”

Zietz says he recommends other companies prioritize creating remote internship programs for students so they have the necessary experience they need post-graduation. 

“I’ve been sharing with a lot of my friends who are CEO’s throughout the country,” Zietz said, “I’ve been sharing with them here’s a huge opportunity you should be jumping on it because there are just so many talented students out there who had unbelievable internships at some great companies, and now all of a sudden, you would never have access to this type of talent that you can get right now.” 

To learn more about GRUBBRR and what kinds of opportunities the company offers, visit their website.

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