Community remembers longtime businessman


TYBEE ISLAND – Boom trucks sitting at the corner of Polk St. and Highway 80 represent a business Tommy Solomon has built up over the past 40 years. Many people on Tybee said they’re stunned at the loss.

“That’s why it’s so hard to believe he’s done this,” Barry Brown, a close friend and city council member, said. “You couldn’t even count the number of palm trees that man’s cut in his lifetime.”

Brown has known Solomon for years.

“I’ve knowin Tommy pretty much my whole life,” Brown said. “His family’s been at the beach down here and he’s been at the beach. He was pretty much raised down here.”

Wednesday afternoon Solomon was working in this back yard off Jones Avenue doing what he does best. But, when brown heard sirens coming down this street he knew something was wrong.

“It’s just pure horror, because he took an awful accident,” Brown said. “I was really only three doors down from him when it happened. We were working a job and we noticed the sirens and all that stuff. One of the guys working with us went around the corner to see what was goin on and when he came back he was in tears when he found out it was Tommy.”

Solomon had been working on a ladder instead of one of his boom truck’s to get better access.

Brown described to News 3 where it happened, but still doesn’t understand why.

“I don’t know whether he had cut a limb higher and it dropped down the power line and then bounced back on the power line or what actually happened,” Brown said. “Maybe he just misjudged where the line was coming through. Most of the tree was already clean except for that one area. Like I said, when he fell he hurt himself pretty bad on the concrete. It was just a terrible accident. I mean he’ll be missed by a lot of people on this island because he was very well-known.”

Solomon’s death is still under investigation and no further details have been released. GBI and OSHA are assisting in his case.

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