SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Saturday, dozens gathered to discuss how violence is plaguing the Savannah community, and how locals can put an end to the unnecessary suffering.

“It continues to happen on a daily basis. Sometimes I look around and wonder, ‘Am I in Savannah, Georgia or an I in New York, am I in Miami?’ You know, those are the things that we heard went on a lot there more-so than in little old Savannah, Georgia,” said Stephanie Collier, event co-organizer. “You know it’s like, at one time St. Patrick’s Day put us on the map, now it’s gun violence that has us on the map.”

Those in attendance spoke about what they can do to promote change and unite those across the city to come up with solutions as one community.

“We must begin at home and we must share with our young people that there is a problem, and we don’t want you to become a part of the problem because again, this problem is a community problem. It is not and individual problem, it is not a problem that can be solved by one entity…we have to all come together for it,” said Bernard Clarke, Pastor of St. Phillip Monumental AME church.

For many the question remains, just what can be done?

Chad Mance, President of the Savannah Chapter of the NAACP, says it all starts with more chances for economic opportunity, regardless of race or background.

“We need more economic opportunity and we need to make sure that we recognize the delicate connection between crime, education, a lack of economic opportunity, and a lack of equitable participation in what we got going on here,” Mance explained.