SAVANNAH, GA. – Carlton “Cotton” Frazier was shot and killed in Feiler Park one month ago and Desmond Lanier was killed in a double homicide earlier this month.

“It’s not just only our families,” Ronald Legree, Frazier’s brother, said. “There’s families in the city of Savannah that are going through the same aftermath and grievance as what we’re going through.”

Now, their church is begging for peace while families demand answers.

“Here in our church two members of our church both on opposite sides in the congregation, but both of them crying because they’re affected by all of the crime and murders in this city and God just placed it on my heart, do something,” Marcus Mobley, the Pastor of Armor of God Worship center, said.

Kids wrote peace on the sidewalks of Hitch Park off 57th street and adults came together for one common goal Monday night at a barbecue community event.

“If we don’t do something now and just showin other young people life and love and peace; who’s going to show them,” Mobley said.

Mobley is talking about the younger generations. After all of the crime and shootings he’s seen in the Feiler Park neighborhood he’s determined to teach kids how to avoid drastic confrontations.

“How to talk to one another; how to fellowship and have resolve with one another,” Mobley said.

The Frazier’s brother is just one example of why this message is so important.

“We don’t want what happened here in this community for our brother to go unanswered,” Legree said. “We’re asking for results.”

Frazier was shot and killed near the park a month ago and his family is desperate for closure for a brother they say was a good man.

“Our brother was not involved in any gang,” Legree said. “He was a father. He may have had his faults, but first of all he loved his children and his family.”

With the help of this community joining forces to bring peace the Frazier’s hope they can avoid one possible outcome.

“If we don’t get results, then it’s just going to be another statistic and we don’t want him to be a statistic,” Legree said.

Mobley plans to host a night like this every other month.

If you have any information on Frazier or Lanier’s murders you’re asked to call Crimestoppers at 912-234-2020.