Community activists say, “enough is enough” after 30th shooting this year


SAVANNAH, GA – The death of a 15-year-old boy has community leaders calling for parents and law enforcement to step up and protect their children.

George Atkins Jr. was shot and killed inside a McDonald’s on the corner of Abercorn Street and Apache Avenue Saturday night. He was a football player at Windsor Forest High School. He suffered from life-threatening injuries and died on the scene. Another teenager was also shot and transported to the hospital.

“There goes another dream, that’s been deferred, because of hate. We’ve got to stop letting hate win,” said Linda Wilder Bryan, a mother and activist in the community whose son was killed in 2015.

This marks the 30th shooting in SCMPD’s district this year. Now, city leaders, such as Bryan, are pushing to ramp up law enforcement in the area, that has faced numerous thefts in the past month. They are also calling for parents to curtail crime by placing their kids in after-school programs.

Bryan told News 3, “{Atkins Jr.} was in school, he was a good student, and he should be alive today, but he isn’t because we’re failing our children. Me, you, this whole city. We have to do better if we expect this generation to go to the next generation.”

Tony Thomas, Alderman for District 6, where the shooting took place, told News 3, “enough is enough.”

“This is not a time to cover things up. This is not a time to make excuses. This is a time for us to step up and do what’s needed to curtail these things that have already happened. We cannot talk about how we’re reducing crime numbers city wide, when we’re still seeing these type of things happen in our community,” said Thomas.

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