Coastal Georgia Community uses prayer & positivity to support Sergeant Cain through his cancer battle

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Some people know him as the Marathon Co, others as a hero.

We first introduced you to Sergeant John Cain last November-

You may remember, he helped a struggling cancer survivor cross the finish line of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon.

Two months later he found out he had cancer, but it isn’t something he’s had to fight on his own.People from all over Coastal Georgia, including his hometown of Richmond Hill, have been finding ways to show Sergeant Cain how much he matters to them.

And whether it’s raising money, hosting an event or simply sending prayers his way, the message is clear: Sergeant Cain is family.

As News 3’s Courtney Cole shows in this special report, Sergeant Cain has had a community at his side.

It’s a picture Savannah and the rest of the world will never forget…

It’s Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Sergeant John Cain helping cancer survivor Robert MCcoy finish the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon back in November 2015. It warmed hearts, went viral on social media -and served as a reminder to everyone that there is still some good in the world. But for people who knew Cain during his 27 years of serving and protecting throughout Chatham County…they say this act of kindness was nothing out of the ordinary.

“He just has a huge reputation for being caring and courageous,” said Nick Batzig the Senior Pastor of New Covenant Presbyterian Church in Richmond Hill.

My first impression was just awestruck, Sergeant Cain is one of the most incredible guys you’d ever want to talk to,” said Tim Leary, radio personality at BOB 106.9 radio station in Savannnah.

When he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, the race for Sergeant Cain’s life quickly turned into a relay as members of the community pitched in to help….

Starting with his fellow officers who wear purple ribbons for Pancreatic Cancer and collect donations, and the Savannah Professional Firefighters Association– who created a special shirt to raise money.

His church family also stepped up.

“We have that heightened responsibility for our members to care for them and help them in any way that we can,” Batzig told News 3.

Helping through prayer at every service and collecting money to help with medical expenses.

“I see John in worship every Sunday and he’s always coming up and thanking us for prayers, excited to give updates, grateful that we are walking with him through this, so I think it’s fair to say that John is extremely thankful,” Batzig said.

Wanting to do even more, Cain’s church family decided to team up with the Georgia Game Changers Running Company in Richmond Hill…

Inviting the community to participate in the “Sergeant Cain Comeback 5k Charity challenge” in J.F. Gregory park in April-raising over $8,000!

“The church stepped up real well, we had a lot of participants from our church…over 300 people participated in the race,” said Robyn Kretschmar, a close family friend and member of New Covenant Presbyterian Church.

“They did it out of love for the Cain family, just like the runners did-they did it, they did it to kind of be like overcomes and like I said our motto is, “don’t let a setback, keep you from a comeback” and if the runners themselves and the people who sponsored could feel like they were any part of his comeback-no better feeling than that really,” said Sandra Elliott, CEO of Georgia Game Changers.

Elliott also credit’s local radio personality Tim Leary for using his influence on the airwaves to  keep the momentum going!

“Here’s a guy, fighting for his life, his family and loved ones surrounding him constantly…this guy’s outlook and attitude is the most positive thing, th most positive attitude you’d meet out of anybody…it was absolutely a no-brainer whatsoever…and to get our listeners to rally around this cause for one of our own community members,” Leary said.

Sergeant Cain’s sister says the support means everything to him.

“It’s been an amazing experience, at the race seeing all the people that have come out. People tell me that they are praying for my brother. Every cancer patient needs that kind of love of support and we’re just so blessed and so lucky that john is getting that,” Stacy Armstrong told News 3. She says it’s the energy he’s receiving from the community that makes him strong enough to run this race against cancer.

“We know the battle that we’re up against, and we’re never going to say never.” For Cain and others facing struggles similar to his.

“The people out there that are fighting cancer, we hope that it gives them hope to fight.”

Armstrong says he’s staying strong as he goes through chemotherapy, but says the family is planning to fight this illness on every level and if you’d like to help the family by donating, you can click here to visit their GoFundMe Page:

Georgia Game Changers also still selling shirts while supplies last and all proceeds go to family.

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