SAVANNAH, GA – Roughly a dozen Savannah Coast Guard members returned home Saturday night after a week helping people in Texas.

The Coastal Guardsmen, who serve at the U.S. Coast Guard Air Savannah, left for Houston last weekend. Although they were only deployed for a few days, Jon Magin, MH65 Delta Aircraft Commander, said his crew rescued more than twenty people.

“Honestly I don’t think I’ve really digested it yet. This was just rescuing people landing in a school parking lot, a CVS, a mall, wherever we could land to drop them off and basically just watch them get out and then it’s on to the next one,” said Magin.

Josue Valentie, AMT2 Flight Mechanic, said that he’s been serving at the Coast Guard for twelve years, and he’s never seen a storm of this magnitude.

“You find yourself sitting in there, all your senses are more heightened, you’re more in the cockpit helping the pilot, backing them up. But at the same time you’ve got to draw the line because you’re there to help people. But also you need to come back with your crew,” said Valentie.

Valentie also said that he’s glad his crew was able to help the people in Texas, but he’s happy to be home.