Clinton to fight to overturn Citizens United


ST. LOUIS (AP) – Hillary Clinton will promise to introduce an amendment overturning Citizens United, the Supreme Court ruling that opened the door to a flood of corporate and union spending in politics. Her campaign says Clinton will make the announcement today in a video shown to liberal activists meeting at the annual Netroots Nation conference in St. Louis.

The 2010 decision has become a rallying cry for those seeking to limit the influence of money in politics. The ruling led to the rise of Super PACs and boosted the effect of nonprofit spending. Both groups can now accept unlimited donations.

Overturning the decision was a key plank in the campaign of primary rival Bernie Sanders, who refused corporate donations.

Unlike Sanders, Clinton supports Super PACs working on her behalf, saying Democrats cannot unilaterally disarm. But she’s also stressed the need to get “secret, unaccountable money” out of the political system.

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