“Clean Up For Charli” this weekend on Hilton Head Island


HILTON HEAD, SC (WSAV) Friday marked exactly one year ago that 11-year-old Charli Bobinchuck was hit by a car, killed while crossing Highway 278 with her dog.

Since then the community has rallied around the family, and for change. Change that came in the form of signage along the Hilton Head Island highway where she was hit. Change that comes in how the Island has rallied around this family in mourning.

“You are at an Island grocery store, you are at a park. Its been constant how many times people come out of the woodwork when you aren’t even asking for it,” explains Bryan Bobinchuck, Charli’s father. “Hey I haven’t seen you yet, I know it has been almost a year, but I think about you every day, I pray for you every day. It’s huge.”

Now her family and friends are hoping to make another kind of change, this time in the marshes and follies she loved so much.

Charli’s Father, Bryan Bobinchuck is leading “Clean up for Charli” this weekend on Singleton Beach. He calls the area one of the Island’s natural wonders.

“Just the diversity of it,” explains Bryan. “You’ve got the beach, you’ve got the mud and everything in between. So you go from catching crabs and digging up clams and you take a 75 foot, 150-foot walk and you are on a boogie board.”

The goal is to take out the trash. The bottles, the cans, the not so natural things left behind in the Island’s natural wonder.

“A lot of these follies and marshes don’t quite get the attention that the beaches do. So that’s the other important aspect that we are going to a cleanup where it really needs to be done, not to symbolically do something.”

Do something to make Hilton Head better. Do something for an “Island girl” who isn’t here to protect it herself.

“I honestly believe there’s going to be a ton of people. but Even if there’s 5. we are going to do something positive, we are going to be honoring my daughter., what could be better than that.”
“What would Charlie say about that?
“She would just smile and laugh. she’d be really proud.”

The event starts at 7:30 on Saturday morning. Parking is at Chaplin Park. that’s where you can register and get trash bags. They ask you do not bring plastic disposable water bottles. Water will be provided if you bring your own reuseable bottle. It was one of Charli’s “causes” before she died, to stop people from using the throwaway bottles which end up in ditches, marshes, and waterways.

You need to wear boots or shoes to walk in the marsh, along with gloves if you want them.

If you don’t have those things, you can still help clean up Singleton Beach.

Or if you can’t make it to Hilton Head, organizers say clean up your own marsh or beach. Post a picture of a video showing to helped clean up for Charli.


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