City to move graves from 1780s discovered near White Bluff Road


A development project has uncovered a long-abandoned cemetery near White Bluff Road. Now Savannah city leaders are trying to preserve that history.

On Thursday, the city council approved a plan to relocate remains found there. The graves of four people dating back to the 1780s were found at the site of what will become a new auto parts store off White Bluff Road.

After the discovery, archeologists were brought in to learn more and the remains were identified as the Densler family.

The story made news, prompting some descendants to step forward.

Bridget Lidy, director of the Savannah Planning and Urban Design said, “From that activity, there were two people who came forth and said, hey, we’re related … Hutton Development and their team followed up with those individuals and come to find out they were actually descendants of the South Carolina Densler family, not the Savannah Densler family.”

The Densler’s will be moved to a family plot in Laurel Grove Cemetery. 

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