City of Savannah seeking community input on Canal District



The city of Savannah wants your input on some big changes that are on the way in the Canal District.

City Leaders hope to come up with a master plan that will bring improvements to the Canal District while preserving nearby neighborhoods.

“Preservation of the neighborhoods is a big concern. Another huge concern has to do with flood plane mitigation and storm water management. This area is in a low lying area of the city that might be one of the main reasons it hasn’t developed before as vigorously as other areas of the city. We’re confident that we will come up with wonderful solutions for our community to expand,” said Bridget Lidy, Director of Planning and Urban Design for the City of Savannah.

Some residents say they want their neighborhood considered before the city decides to break ground.

“It’s alright if it’s done right. If you’re gonna have activities and canoeing and all of that stuff, you need to take care of the neighborhood mostly affected by what they’re gonna do,” said Ulyesses Lonnon, a longtime Savannah resident.

The plan for the canal district may include mixed use developments with stores, residential properties or small offices.

The city tells News 3 it has to survey the area before construction begins. Officials say there is another meeting scheduled for September.

Anyone interested in learning more can check out the project’s website.

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