SAVANNAH, Ga., (WSAV) — The city of Savannah is taking a big step forward. City official are making the switch to alternative fuel vehicles. The city partnered with Georgia Power  and Nissan to study whether it’s feasible for the hostess city to go green.

City of Savannah, Director of Sustainability says, “the project is being done in support of the savannah forward strategic plan. which has a goal to convert 15% of the city’s vehicles fleet to alternative fuel, hybrid, or electric vehicles by the 2023 year.” And the unanimous decision was “yes.”

Deffley says he supports the move toward alternative fuel. He adds it would not only help our environment but also our bottom line.

“On average with the Georgia pilot program what they’ve recognized is about a 70 percent savings in fuel,” Deffley says.

For the past four weeks city staff has tested a Nissan leaf as a demonstration vehicle. “One thing i really like is electric vehicles they’re different than gasoline vehicles they don’t have a tail pipe, they don’t have a typical engine. Their maintenance costs are much lower, their fuel costs are much lower, and that results directly for the city in real savings both in gasoline and fuel and maintenance costs,” Deffley says. “And then finally just reduction in carbon emission for the city which creates a healthier environment for all of us.”

That raised the question, will they install more charging stations around the city. Officials say they have plans to add more as these new vehicles arrive.