SAVANNAH, GA- City leaders and architects are engaging community members to make the wide-spread Southside community more urbanized.

The City of Savannah hosted workshops during the weekend of March 3rd to take notes from residents on how to attract more people to eat, shop and live in the area.

“Right now they get in their cars or their ubers and they go downtown and they leave the area, so if there was something here that was safe and attractive, that wouldn’t have to happen,” said Michael Swartz, the Principal Architect of David M. Schwarz Architects, Inc. Swartz is working with the City of Savannah and community members to create development strategies for the Southside.

Many residents told News 3 that they want city leaders to focus on creating a safe environment for children.

“Instead of some more food places and gas stations, let’s get some more recreation centers and some more areas that actual kids can go to,” said Lashell Jordan, a student at Georgia Southern University.

Another local, Brittany Kirkland, said she would like to see more walkways and parks in the area.

“I like to get up early before work and run around Mohawk. Mohawk street is a neighborhood street and it’s busier than it should be, and there’s no sidewalk,” she said.

However, Jordan also told News 3 that she is not excited about the prospect of a city-life.

“We have downtown. You have your city. Here is where the community is. It’s where the suburbs are. It’s where people can actually calm down and live a normal life instead of living downtown and being surrounded by so much chaos,” she said.

Residents can all agree that they want the Southside to reflect their community’s charm.

Another community forum will be held on Monday, March 5th, from six until eight p.m. at Georgia Southern University, University Hall, Room 157. The public is invited to attend.