Chatham County Sheriff Office warns about scam using local phone number


The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office is warning people about a new scam, one that may fool you into thinking the Sheriff or someone from his office is actually calling you.

We’ve heard about this for awhle now. Crooks are figuring out how to use technology to make it look like they’re calling from a local number, in this case from 912-652-7600 which is indeed the Sheriff’s office and it will show up as a local number on your caller ID.

We’re told the scam are either telling someone they have missed jury duty and must pay a fine or claiming that the call is from an IRS agent trying to collect back taxes.

Authorities stress the County Sheriff’s Office DOES NOT CONTACT ANYONE BY PHONE directing them to put money on an account or take cash to pay any fines.

If anyone feels that they have been a victim of this scam or have any information they should contact CCSO Investigative Unit 912-652-7681.

You should always be skeptical of any unsolicited telemarketing phone solicitation.

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