Chatham County School District 4, 7 to receive new absentee ballots by mail


SAVANNAH Ga, (WSAV) – If you live in school district 4 or 7, be on the lookout for corrected absentee ballots in the mail.

The Chatham County Board of Elections was recently notified a seat was missing on the Public School Board District 7 absentee ballot. All of the races and names were on the ballot except District 7 incumbent Michael Johnson and opponent Leonard McCoy.

“Chatham county election officials didn’t go into the report file to see where it was mapped. Unfortunately the District 7 race was mapped to district 4 voters,” explains Statewide Election Implementation Manager, Gabriel Sterling.

The incorrect ballots were among the almost 30,000 absentee ballots distributed in Chatham County. Officials say because so many people are casting their ballots through mail, a much larger number of people are affected.

“Because of the focus on so much mail-in voting, instead of it being a handful of people effected, it’s a much larger percentage of people affected. It looks like we are going to have a million people in the state vote absentee, the most we’ve ever had in the history of Georgia,” says Sterling.

New ballots will be mailed out to voters who have requested absentee ballots in District 4 and District 7. The new ballots will have a yellow header and will come with an explanation from the BOE on why voters are receiving a new ballot.

Voters should receive new absentee ballots sometime next week.

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