Chatham County and Georgia Flood Maps 2018

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Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has spent the last eight years preparing new flood maps. The maps show the likelihood of flooding in a given year from storm surge.

Officials note homeowners should know this is a new assessment for the cost of insurance, not necessarily a safety guide in terms of flooding for your home. 

  • Here is a map for Chatham County to view your property.
  • Here is a map from the state of Georgia with additional information.

The maps show areas all throughout Chatham County and outlines where there is a need for flood insurance. If you see red around your home, it’s signaling you need flood insurance if you don’t already have it. If you see blue, the need for flood insurance has lessened according to the map.

For the most part, an X rating indicates less of a need for insurance and quite a few people in an X zone may not have ever purchased flood insurance.

You’re required to have flood insurance in any of the Special Flood Hazard areas A, AE or V.

A is a flood hazard property without an elevation certificate, AE is a property where the elevation has been measured and recorded and a V involves the issue of velocity and wave action near the property.

Depending on any one storm event, flooding can and has taken place in an X zone. 

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