SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — The Savannah Police Department will start an Automated Traffic Enforcement Speed Device program at several schools throughout the city this week.

The cameras were installed in 10 schools zones in the city: Garrison School of the Arts, Largo-Tibet Elementary, Myers Middle School zone on Tibet Avenue and the school zone on 52nd Street, Savannah Classical Academy, Savannah High, Shuman Elementary, Susie King Taylor Community School, White Bluff Elementary and Windsor Forest Elementary. More cameras in additional school zones are in the process of being added in the near future, police say.

Anyone who drives 11 mph or more over the posted speed limit will receive a citation in the mail. This means that if the flashing light speed limit is 25 mph, the driver will be given a ticket at 36 mph. Once the lights turn off, the speed limit may rise to 35 mph, and you would be ticketed at 46 mph.

“This is about the safety of our children,” Assistant Chief Robert Gavin said. “Officers cannot be in every school zone every day, but by utilizing this technology, we can still have an effect on safety in those areas by keeping speeds low and keeping our children safe. The flashers, speed signs, cameras and enforcement measures have proven successful at changing driver behavior.”

The initial 30-day warning period will begin October 5 and run for 30 days. Within the 30-day warning period, violators will recive a warning in the mail that carries no fine and, when the warning period ends, violators will being reciving citations in the mail. Police note that the violation is considered a civil violation and is not considered a traffic citation which means you will not recieve points on your driver’s license, and it will not be reported to your insurance.

Automated speed zones will be enforced one hour before and after school is in session.

Enforcement will begin November 4.