Castaways Pet Rescue helps hundreds of animals find forever homes each year


DARIEN, Ga. (WSAV) – Skip and Jayne Huvar were asleep one winter night when they heard a weird noise outside.

Skip Huvar says he heard what sounded like “a whole bunch of yelping” coming from around their pool. When he eventually went outside to see what it was, he discovered a terrified puppy stuck in the middle of their pool cover.

After rescuing the puppy and discovering its brothers, sisters and mother in their shed, he knew he had to do something.

That’s when Castaways Pet Rescue was born. Since then, Skip says they help rescue and rehabilitate over 500 cats and dogs each year. Skip says they may even hit the one-thousand mark by the end of this year alone.

Most of the animals come from around the area either as strays or from shelters who are about to euthanize them. Castaways steps in as a way to save as many animals from euthanasia as possible.

News 3 Digital Reporter Jon Dowding spent the day at Castaways on Friday to learn more about them and to showcase some adorable animals who are looking for their forever homes.

Meet Sheba (above)

Meet Bentley

Learn about the cats they have

Everyone’s favorite: Puppies!

This litter of puppies will be adoptable in about a week or two.

For more information about Castaways, head to WSAV’s Clear the Shelters page.

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