Cashier says she’s grateful to be alive after customer fires gun inside local restaurant


One woman is in custody after firing a gun inside of a Garden City McDonalds.

Witnesses 27-year old Lillian Tarver was unsatisfied with her order on Monday, assaulted an employee and fired a gun inside.

“She came all the way inside the store to the back of the restaurant and she grabbed my shirt. She told me you better give me my money or I’m going to shoot you. She said y’all better have her give me my money or I’m gonna shoot her. She took her gun and shot it in the store,” said Lynn Watson, the cashier inside the McDonalds at the time of the attack.

Watson says the suspect proceeded to demand money from the cash register after firing her weapon, took cash and left the scene.

Garden City Police tracked the suspect down and brought her into custody.

Investigators determined the incident was an armed robbery. Tarver faces multiple charges including battery, aggravated assault and reckless driving.

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