Candler County Schools adding a new tool to keep kids safe


METTER, Ga. (WSAV) – In candler county, the new year brings a new tool to keep your kids safe.

It’s called the Crisis Alert System. It works by being controlled with a device, which most school employees have.

Deputy Miguel Aviles with the Candler County Sheriff’s Office said the number of times the button in the middle of the device is pressed, determines what happens next.

” One of the responses is we need our administration, we need the school resource officer we need a nurse…The second response is if they press the button an extended amount of times then it puts the school into lockdown mode,” Aviles said.

That means lights will start flashing in the hallway and a message is sent to local law enforcement indicating help is needed on campus.

“So that’ll alert our local law enforcement agencies and it will go ahead and generate a response from them, bring them here…The teachers will go ahead and lock their doors and go ahead and move out of the field of view,” Aviles added.

Melinda Swint said she’s glad there’s an extra tool to keep her child safe. It’ll help her worry less about someone ever causing harm at the school.

“As you know there’s a lot going on in the world and I think security and safety should be the number one priority for our kids. So I’m happy Candler County has implemented a lot of security measures for our kids,” Swint said.

The device which sends out the alert also has a GPS tracker in it so law enforcement or school administrators can know exactly where the alert came from.

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