Can you outlast the Little Drummer Boy Challenge?


*Warning: Do NOT read this article after November 28th if you plan to take the challenge!

(CNN) – A dedicated group of people is preparing to play a game where the only way to win is by not hearing a specific christmas song.

It’s called “The Little Drummer Boy Challenge.”

The game starts a minute after midnight on Black Friday and lasts all the way until Midnight on December 23rd. 

As Michael Allen Peck, a Content Marketer with Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University explains, “You simply have to make it until Midnight of the 23rd without hearing the song ‘The Little Drummer Boy,’ and that includes any parody, any interpretation, even a slight piece of it, if you recognize the song, you are out.”

Which version of “the boy” has proven most lethal to players?

“The Bing Crosby, David Bowie version. Year in and year out, that’s number one or number two,” says Peck.

Why “The Little Drummer Boy”?

“It’s played just enough to make it a challenge,” explains Peck, “..and also it’s a song that’s just kind of really weird, I mean, you’re going to tell me that when there’s a baby sleeping they want a kid banging on a drum? So that that’s the gift that we’re going to give this child?”

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