(NBC News) – In his first on-camera interview since his mother and brother were killed on their family estate in South Carolina, Buster Murdaugh defended himself and his father Alex who is serving a life sentence for the double murder.

“I do not believe it was fair,” Murdaugh told FOX News anchor Martha MacCallum in a FOX Nation interview

“I was there for six weeks studying it, and I think it was a tilted table from the beginning. And I think, unfortunately, a lot of the jurors felt that way prior to when they had to deliberate. It was predetermined in their minds, prior to when they ever heard any shred of evidence that was given in that room.”

Questions about Murdaugh have swirled over a different death, that of his former classmate Stephen Smith.

The 19-year-old’s body was discovered in 2015 on a road about 15 miles from the Murdaugh family property where years later Maggie and Paul Murdaugh were shot and killed.

Initially ruled a hit and run, the case was reopened in the weeks after the double murder, and state law enforcement is now investigating Smith’s death as a homicide.

There were unsubstantiated rumors that he and Buster Murdaugh were in a relationship.

“I never had anything to do with his murder, and I never had anything to do with him on a physical level of any regard,” Murdaugh said.

He has never been identified as a suspect and does not face any criminal charges.

Murdaugh was at his father’s trial every day, even taking the stand in his defense.

But his response in the interview when asked if he thinks his father is a psychopath:

“I’m not prepared to sit here and say that it encompasses him as a whole, but I certainly think there are characteristics where you look at the manipulation and the lies and the carrying out of that such, and I think that’s a fair assessment.”