SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — Construction on Broughton Street has been frustrating drivers for several years—and it’s not over yet.

More construction is underway along Broughton Street. In a media briefing Tuesday morning, Mayor Johnson announced another round of road work for Broughton Street. 

Mayor Johnson said, “Today marks the beginning of the end for us. The last major work on our Broughton Streetscapes project. As I told you before that there was still some work that needed to be done, and so now we are closing out this major aesthetic infrastructure improvement project.”

But some people who work on Broughton said no one from the city notified them about the construction. 

“This is literally the first I’m hearing about this at all. I got here this morning and like the street was blocked off, you know I like to park out front, and I’m like okay I guess I gotta go look for parking,” Scruggs said.

Marvin Scruggs, a server at Kayak Kafe says he was late to work early Tuesday morning because he couldn’t find a place to park. 

Scruggs said,  “I’m behind like right now trying to catch up on lost time because I didn’t even know the street was blocked off.”

He’s concerned about how this might negatively impact sales for the restaurant. 

“So, when they previously had the entire street like blocked off, our business took uh a pretty deep dive for a long time. I mean our primary customer base I’d say is a lot of tourist people coming in town, visiting, just driving up and down street and they see a place and they say oh I wanna go over there, but you know you can’t really drive up and down the street when the entire thing is blocked off,” Scruggs stated. 

Nicholas D’Antonio, manager at Pennykix said he hopes this project won’t take too long to get done. 

D’Antonio said, “I know their time tables in the past have been a bit off. Um, I will say when they said that they were going to get it done before the holiday season, they were able to get it done, so i’m hoping that they’re going to stick to their word this time.” 

Construction is expected to be completed within the next two weeks.