Business is booming at Lowcountry’s only Christmas Tree farm


OKATIE, SC (WSAV) – Just as turkey day came and went, the attention turned to Christmas, and Friday folks were out shopping for a Christmas tree in Jasper County.

A and A Christmas Trees is the only live tree farm in the Lowcountry. owners say people started lining up two hours before it was supposed to open the day after Thanksgiving.

Each family there searching for just the right fit.

“We look for the biggest fattest one we can find on the lot,” said Andrea Morgan.

Some people say its been a goal to have a chance to cut down their own tree.

“I grew up in New York,” said Sean Barbone. “I guess it was one of those kid dreams just being in the snow and going to cut your own tree down and dragging it home, you cut this down yourself, you know, you picked it out.”
“So even though it’s 80 degrees outside and not snowing it’s ok?”
“Yes, I’ll take that,” said a smiling Sean.

Others decided to take the sawing down of the tree into their own hands, with mixed results.

“Was this one of those, this is a really good decision until I started sawing?”
“Yeah, that’s what I think. I should have thought about it before I started myself.”

The six-person staff started early in the morning and never stopped. Shaking, sawing, and stacking the holiday trees for families of all ages.

“What’s the best part?”
“It’s the smell, it’s the smell,” explained Zeke Frazier. “It smells like Christmas.”

So many choices, shapes and sizes. What exactly makes the perfect tree?

“It has to be symmetrical and no humongous holes you can’t hide,” said Carly Brandt. “That you can’t hide in a corner. And it needs to smell amazing.”

“It has to fit. It has to fit our house,” said Steven Brandt, Carly’s husband.

“I call the perfect Christmas tree one that the family likes the most,” explains Daniel Doe, owner of A and A. “It can be the Charlie Brown one or fat and skinny. I love them all, I really do.”

Samantha Williams is still little. She is looking for the right tree not for her, but for someone else.

“Is the tree key to getting the best presents?”
“Yes,” said Samantha.
“What would you have to say to Santa?’
“Thank You.”

A and A Christmas Tree Farm says between Frazier Firs they have brought in and the Murray Cypress trees they grow themselves, they will sell close to 1000 trees from their Old Cooler Circle location in Okatie this season.

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