A bus carrying teenagers went up in flames on the side of busy I-95 in Walterboro over the weekend. Eight teenagers from the CAPA (Child Abuse Prevention Association) group home were going to Carowinds.

A bus driver was able to capture a video of the bus fire on iPhone, after everyone was safely off. The bus is a loss. The driver said the steering and brakes went out before they pulled over and realized it was on fire.

“The picture with the smoke billowing out from the top of the bus was just horrific,” said CAPA volunteer and local business owner Jesse Gavigan. “The first thing I wondered before anybody said anything was, did everybody get out okay?”

“To know what this organization does, and to see such a tragic thing happen and to know that it’s a financial strain on them for buying a new bus, made it even more emotional,” Gavigan said.

He started a ‘Go Fund Me’ account to try to raise money to replace the bus that takes children to special events and outings.

“CAPA has a group home that’s there and you’ve got these teens that are in this group home and as any parent knows, you don’t want your kid sitting in the house all day…or, there’s lots of kids that have never been to the movies or have never been to a water park, have never been to a them park. For the first time in their lives they’re getting to experience these things,” Gavigan said.

In just 24 hours, $4,000 had been raised online. As NEWS 3 interviewed Gavigan in Port Royal, two local businesses donated $500 checks each.

“It’s the people in the community that really keep capa alive and really bring the community together,” Gavigan.