BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga (WSAV)- A group of residents in Bulloch County are upset by a zoning change they say would disrupt their lifestyle.

Twelve residents living on the outskirts of Brooklet are asking that the county undo the zoning of what is to become a 62-house subdivision.

“We are accepting, we are welcoming,” said resident Kerri Mason. “We just want it to stay within the design of the community.”

They say it’s not about extra neighbors.

“We’re not against people moving in this area,” said resident Suzanne Bailey. “We want people who will embrace the lifestyle.”

They don’t want the extra traffic, nor do they want renters who may get upset with tractors on their roads or farmers waking them up at dawn.

“People move out here for a certain reason, right, why is that?”

“Peace and quiet, tranquility, a sense of community you can’t get anywhere else,” said Mason. “The more people you bring in, that community goes away.”

They add that their neighborhood was not listed in the county’s development plans. They say part of the worry is that this 60-acre residential rezoning could spread farther into the area – where they say there already isn’t much infrastructure.

“You’ve already set a precedent,” said Bailey. “Where do we go from here?”

I reached out to the County regarding their case. County attorney Jeff Akins said he would not comment on pending litigation and that the county would respond to the petition in court.

“I expect the County to timely file a response to the petition in court,” said Akins. “Beyond that, I cannot comment on pending litigation.”