Bulloch County schools to receive new safety features


STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) – The Bulloch County Board of Education wants to make sure your children are safe every time they step on campus. To do so, they’re spending millions of dollars on updating and adding new security features.

The board of education approved the Bulloch County School District to spend around $2.8 million on the safety overhaul. New closed-circuit security cameras and alarm systems will be put in all 16 of the district’s schools and it’s board office.

Part of the money will also go toward installing an alert system. The system is operated with a small device the size of a badge, and with the touch of a button in the middle of the badge, teachers will be able to call for help in an emergency or put the school on lockdown.

It also has a GPS tracker in the device so your location is automatically known by the person responding to your alert.

Superintendent Charles Wilson said it’s a simple addition that could help save lives and help cut down on response times.

“It’s tightening the perimeter of our schools, hardening our schools as you can say. Having the ability to restrict and monitor access to our schools,” Wilson said.

Wilson noted these new security changes will be happening in the future.

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