Bulloch County Agricultural Complex providing shelter for livestock during storm


STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) – A new agriculture complex in Statesboro is keeping dozens of local farm animals safe through hurricane Dorian.

The Bulloch County Agricultural Complex is offering its barn stalls to evacuees with livestock. The facility can house up to 218 large animals.

So far 30 horses and donkeys are sheltering there. Officials are allowing owners to house their animals and stay on the property during the storm, free of charge.

The only thing the complex is charging for is if animal owners need to use their bagged shavings known as animal bedding, which is eight dollars.

Laura Stowson of Liberty County told News 3 she was grateful the facility was accepting livestock because where she lives is close by the water, and she didn’t want to risk leaving her animals behind.

” There’s no way we would’ve stayed. They’re too endangered to be there…Being only a mile from the water it is a possibility because the elevation is only twelve feet above sea level, so there’s always a possibility of water pushing that far and the winds get way too high being that close,” Stowson said.

The manager of the facility said they are also considering letting people with only dogs and no livestock seek shelter inside the complex, since they have been receiving an increase in calls about that.

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