Buddy the dog credited with saving owner’s life


A pup in Florida is being hailed for saving his owner’s life.

Last month, 87-year-old Josh Hilsenrath fell in his Boynton Beach home, and was stuck there for four hours. 

His 12-year-old dog, named Buddy, knew something was wrong and broke free through a screen door to get help. 

He rushed to his neighbors’ house on the other side of a lake and several blocks away. The Charney’s often looked after him.

Buddy barked at their door until they answered.

The dog led Art Charney to Hilsenrath, who was lying on his bathroom floor. 

Luckily there were no injuries and Hilsenrath was OK but if it had been any longer, Hilsenrath would have missed his insulin shot he needs twice a day. 

“God gave him brains,” said Hilsenrath. 

They were all amazed Buddy was able to remember where the Charney’s lived and knew which door to bark at. 

“I am grateful for my friends, I am grateful for my dog, and I am grateful for the Lord,” said Hilsenrath.

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