Breaking News: Judge delivers sentences in Carver Village triple murder trial


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Judge Louisa Abbot sentenced three people today in the Carver Village triple murder case–Dwayne Abney, James Hampton and Diamond Butler were charged in the murders of Kiana Marshall, 21, Alexis Kitchens, 19, and Isaiah (Corey) Martin, 18. The crime took place in a Carver Village house back on October 22, 2015.

On Friday, Dec. 15, Judge Louisa Abbot sentenced James Hampton to three consecutive life sentences plus 35 years for the murder-related counts.  Dwayne Abney was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences for the murders of Alexis Kitchens and Kiana Marshall plus 15 years for murder-related counts.

Diamond Butler was sentenced to 90 years in prison for conspiracy to commit murder and aggravated assault.

Butler, took a plea deal pleading guilty to conspiracy and aggravated assault, dropping the murder charges in exchange for her testimony against the others.

On Friday, Dec. 8, the jury found Hampton guilty of charges including one count of conspiracy, three counts of malice murder and nine counts of felony murder. They found Abney guilty of conspiracy, malice murder for Marshall and Kitchens and three counts of felony murder for all three victims.

During the trial, the prosecution claimed Hampton shot and killed the suspects and  Abney was there, pushing one of them down and telling him to kill her.

Butler testified she and another girl, Jamaica Bell, had been staying with Marshall. When Marshall told them to move out, Butler claims her friend, Hampton, asked her if she wanted him to “wet that s*** up” meaning “shoot up the place.” She testified that she said, “Yes” and she “didn’t care.”

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