Bouncing back: Supply chain survives COVID-19


(NBC News) – Within days of the coronavirus pandemic halting the economy, store shelves were cleaned out of basic necessities like toilet paper and cleaning supplies.  Food started to disappear from grocery shelves and retailers were forced to limit the quantities of certain products.  The supply chain was shaken.

Now, nearly seven months later, Americans have stopped stockpiling and shelves are mostly full. 

Industry expert Rifle Hughes of JPG Resources says manufacturers jumped in to do their part.
“Anybody that’s had access to food has continued to have access to food,” he says.  “The big piece where we see the most struggle is traditional proteins, so you know meat and poultry were just the conditions of that production environment.” 
Global packaging giant R.A. Jones believes one of the biggest changes since COVID-19 is the manufacturing process itself.   

“We’re noticing a lot of our manufacturers and customers that we’re supporting are really going to less customized products,” says R.A. Jones chief sales officer Brian Powers.

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