Bluffton Self Help Needs Your Help


With less than a week away… folks at Bluffton Self Help are getting their Thanksgiving meals out to those who need it.

“We’re doing client choice this year. We are letting clients come in and pick the foods they want for Thanksgiving dinner. reporter: How is that different from years past? In the past we had volunteers that would bag all the groceries. and they would sign up like they did this year and we would hand them a bag of groceries and a turkey. Now they come in and pick what their families love to eat,” said director, Lili Coleman.

But they still need your help after next week.

“Well they still need food, I mean Thanksgiving comes and goes but we still need food for our regular food distributions.”

And there are plenty of options for you to give.

“We’re really trying to move toward fresh, so even vegetables and fruit are great. We’ll make sure we have room for them, and canned goods we can always use canned goods.”

If you don’t feel like giving food, there is something special you can do for the upcoming holidays.

“We will also need toys. With WSAV we are doing Holiday Hope. We’re going to open up our toy shop on December 12th, so we’re stocking all the shelves so clients can then do client choice again and pick out the toys for their children.”

Coleman says they are also taking blankets, coats and shoes, and hopes everyone can get into the holiday spirit.

“We want them to know that everyone cares about them and we want them to have a great Christmas or holidays.”

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