Bluffton Self Help asking for donations to fill empty shelves


There are empty shelves at Bluffton Self Help, and that means empty stomachs for those in need. 

Right now there’s a great need for some simple food items that can make a big difference in someone’s life.

“We go through a lot of canned meat, canned beans, pasta, pasta sauce and rice,’ explained Kimberly Hall, Executive Director of Bluffton Self Help.”Those are really the essentials here.”

Essential foods that more people have asked for and need from the agency lately. Foods like rice, which Executive Director Kim Hall says, are quickly running out.

“We will go through this stack tonight for sure,” says Hall. “These 2-pound bags of rice will last a family for quite some time.”

Hurricane Florence may not have hit Bluffton, but evacuations and days off work did strike many people’s paychecks, and left them needing more.

“We had a big rush not only from our clients but from folks in the community needing extra support,
 said Hall. “bottled water, canned goods, making sure they had the extra supply to get them the couple days they needed to.”

Those needs are great, and some of the supplies the agency counts on weren’t available.

“We also really get fresh fruits, vegetables and meats from the grocery stores. When they don’t ahve the excess we don’t get that to distribute to our neighbors in need.”

 200 to 500 neighbors who now come to the center every day to find some shelves bare and bins empty. Those folks wonder how they will feed their families. Cans of tuna or chicken, jelly, beans, rice, pasta, spaghetti sauce, just some fo the foods that go a long way to full stomachs.

“Poverty is very different now than it used to be, these are folks living paycheck to paycheck and we want to make sure they have the food and supplies they need to survive,” said Hall.

“People don’t come here for no reason,” explains Tonya Taylor-Moyd of Bluffton Self Help. “They have a need and you want to provide everything for them. Something as simple as a jar of spaghetti sauce, its the quickest and easiest meal to make. and the least expensive.”

It’s that cost to people in need.. families who need that boost that has the agency asking for the community’s help. One can. One jar at a time.

“We will not turn anyone away, we will come up with what we need to serve the folks that need it most,” said Hall.

If you would like to make a food donation of any kind, you can drop it off at Bluffton Self Help at 39 Sheridan Park Circle, Suite 10. You can call them at (843)757-8000. You ca also find out more about making a cash donation or volunteering at

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