BLUFFTON, SC (WSAV) – His family name is legendary. Now one Bluffton police officer is doing his part to make a name for himself with his big heart and giving spirit.

Bluffton High School students were drafted into service during their lunch hour to do some work, and make sure others will eat this holiday.

Two trucks are full of donations. Dozens of turkeys were brought inside, headed to the freezer and eventually to the tables of folks in the town who need it most.

“Knowing that we can come together to do something other than writing tickets or something of that nature,” said Bluffton Police Officer Oscar Frazier. “Knowing that we can reach out and be a resource in a time of need.”

The brainchild of Bluffton Officer Oscar Frazier, the turkey drive began six years ago when the schools couldn’t help students and families fill their bellies on the holiday.

This year Frazier is putting almost 200 birds in the freezer before going to homes around the area.

“Today I’ll be able to have a turkey but next year I may be in the position where I need the help I need assistance,” said Frazier. “So knowing that I can help other people and the town can help others.”

This sentiment is a good feeling that is being shared by many in this giving community. All the turkeys were donated by people who want to help.

“When you put the word out if you just do something, everyone wants to help but they need a leader and you got that with Oscar,” said Tim Wood.

The Frazier family name is legendary in the area. Now the latest Frazier etching his name in the history books by protecting, serving, and helping others.

“My dad was always a big help and staple in the community so I just wanted to carry on the tradition,” said Frazier. Knowing that I have the means of knowing people and the resources to bring people together. Any way that I can help on anyone else can help, is always big.”

Frazier has enlisted the help of his fellow Bluffton Police officers to distribute the turkeys first to local schools for families who may need them. The rest will go to local charities to pass out to the remaining people to create a holiday feast.