STATESBORO, GA (WSAV) – The Blue Mile Project is building a new park that is perfect for the dogs.

It’s what Statesboro’s Crystal Keiser-Plunkett says it’s perfect for her dog Athena to stretch her legs. Right now, both dog and owner use the McTell trail every day to get exercise. She says the trail has it’s drawbacks.

“I don’t like it how there is just a lot of regular people here and they mingle with the dogs and there is not a lot of space as well on these little trails,” says Keiser-Plunkett.

Other dog owners like Katie Harris say the park is something the city has been missing for sometime.

“Statesboro doesn’t really have a place for dogs…like any off leash areas for dogs to kind of just run around and play and socialize,” says Harris who also serves on the Dog Park Committee. “There is a great desire for one in our community.”

So the city is using about $20,000 from the America’s Best Community Award and funding from other grants to turn a 1.7 acre plot into a dog-friendly zone.

For Keiser-Plunkett, this is great news because Athena’s learning to become a service dog.

“Part of her training is to you know be socialized with not only other people but with other dogs as well,” says Keiser-Plunkett. “So this is a great thing.”

The park will also serve as a reminder for those who wish to remember their pets. The Bulloch County Humane Society is building a Rainbow Bridge.

“We are going to be selling bricks for people to honor their loved ones, their loved lost pets,” says Harris. “Dog owners really don’t have any where or any place to get together. I think it will be greater for the community and I think it will bring more people to the city.

The new dog park is located along the McTell Trail near Cherry Street, right behind the library. The city is hoping to have the park open to the public by June.