Beaufort mother outraged after baby allegedly punished in cardboard box


A Beaufort County mother is overcome with anger, after hearing of what she considers an unusual punishment toward her baby girl. Accusations are now flying that her 11-month-old daughter’s babysitter showed others a video of her punishing the baby, by keeping her in a cardboard box.

Brandi Milledge first learned of the alleged video from an employee at the Burton Wells Recreation Center. The employee, who wishes to remain unnamed, told Milledge the babysitter drags the child into the center by the arm, and punishes her by putting her in a cardboard box. Milledge believes this is child abuse. She filed a report with the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, and now wants to press charges.

“I was devastated,” Milledge says.

She is still recovering from what she heard. She has not seen the video, but wants to as soon as possible. She says she has not been able to get in touch with the sitter, or find her, since she heard from the recreation center employee on Monday.

“She said, ‘Just recently, I was about to call the police on her because she was grabbing the baby by the arm, and she showed me a video of her in a box, and she said she couldn’t do it no more because the baby is bad,'” Milledge says she was told.

“I was like, ‘Why would you do that to my child…to be honest, the first thing in my mind was, go find her. Yes, I rode around until like 9:30 that night looking for her,” Milledge says.

Sheriff’s deputies were still investigating, but had not yet seen the video on Thursday afternoon.

“The investigators are looking into the video. We’ve spoken with the mother, we’ve checked on the safety of the child. The child is fine, and we’re going to interview the possible subject in this case,” Captain Bob Bromage with the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office says.

Milledge wants justice.

“I hope and pray that she gets arrested for it, and when she do, I would like to know because I’m going to be to the courthouse because I’m going to pursue charges on her,” she says.

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