Barry forecast to make landfall later today along Louisiana Coast


BARRY IS NOW A HURRICANE…The first hurricane of 2019 has max sustained winds of 75 mph as it is moving onto the Louisiana coast.

Barry is expected to keep its category 1 hurricane status as it makes landfall later today. Barry’s winds have strengthened to 75 mph. Category 1 hurricane’s winds speeds start at 74 mph.

Barry’s winds have continued to strengthen to 75 mph as of the 11 a.m. Saturday morning advisory from the National Hurricane Center. The center of the storm was about 50 miles west of Morgan City, Louisiana and it is moving slowly to the northwest around 6 mph.

Barry has not been the most organized storm…most of the rain has been on the southern side of the storm. While those along the coast have seen some rain, the bulk of the rain hasn’t moved in yet. However, the rain is starting to expand. Heavier rain is starting to wrap along the northeast side of the storm. Northern most rain bands are starting to move onshore.

Barry is expected to creep through Lousisana and move into Arkanasa by Monday morning. Regardless if it keeps category 1 strength…because of how slow it is moving, flooding will remain a huge concern through this weekend. As it moves on shore, it will bring with it a dangerous potential storm surge of 3-6 feet, 10 to 20 inches of rain with locally higher totals, and tropical storm to low-end hurricane-force winds along the north-central Gulf Coast Saturday.

There will be no impacts from Barry on the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry.


The rainfall report may not look that impressive just yet…but the bulk of the rain is on the southern side of Barry. That means until it makes landfall and then crawls across Louisiana, the heaviest area of rain won’t be on land just yet. They’re still expected to get 10-20+ inches of rain.

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