Avoiding home office pains


(NBC News) – Many people are reporting unexpected aches and pains as they set up temporary offices in their homes during coronavirus social distancing.  

“People are reporting their backs are a little bit sore, they’re feeling more neck pain, headaches,” says Dr. Kristin Somerville of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.

Dr. Somerville says it’s likely related to both how we’re sitting and where.

She advises to skip working from bed or the couch and opt for a supportive chair in front of a counter or desk to improve your alignment. 

“You should have your hips in line with your shoulders, which should be in line with your ears,” she explains.
Aim to work in natural light over harsh, overhead light that can lead to eye strain, and take mini walk or stretching breaks every hour if possible.

“It’s okay if we’re not in the best ergonomically position, but as long as we’re not staying there for three, four or five hours at a time, which we tend to do if we get stuck in a project or we’re in a long meeting,” Dr. Somerville notes.
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