ATF, CNT and SCMPD Take Drug, Gun Suspects out of Cann Park

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Its just a quarter square mile, but Cann Park has had big problems with crime, guns and drugs.

The area from Victory to 48th streets and Hopkins to Montgomery street has long been known for its crime problem.

Now Savannah police and the ATF are doing something about it.

19 suspects off the streets. 5 more charged and at large.

Thats the result of a six month long operation right here in Cann Park.

Its about guns, drugs and making sure folks who live in the area are safe.

“To improve the quality of life for citizens in this county that expect it,” said Everett Ragan, Director of Savannah-Chatham Counter Narcotics. “That have become to demand it and deserve it.”

That was the goal of CNT the ATF and Savannah-Chatham Metro Police as they hit the streets of Cann Park to take what they call the ‘worst of the worst” off them.

“We have folks who are robbing and a group is involved. we have people who are shooting and there are two-three involved,” said SCMPD Chief Jack Lumpkin.

“Its time for us to tell the people selling drugs,” said US Attorney Edward Tarver. “illegally possessing guns, engaging in gang activity that we are coming after you. Its time for this type of lawlessness to stop. We are not going to let criminals peddle fear in the city of Savannah.”

Selling fear, drugs and guns.

“These people have tremendous arrest records and they are also dealing guns to people,” said Chief Jack Lumpkin.

And creating turmoil for the folks who live there.

“Law abiding citizens who just want to live their lives in quite without fear of being shot or facing gang activity,” said Tarver.

Activity which starts with drugs and leads to more crime. 24 burglaries in this small area last year alone. A trend which police are ready to put a stop to, now.

“How are 14,15,16 year olds getting their hands on guns?” wonders Chief Lumpkin. “From the individuals of this nature.”

Chief Lumpkin says this is just one of several operations, some going on right now to take guns and suspects off the streets.

Each one of the people arrested now have five or more previous charges.

Now all the suspect arrested will face federal as well as local charges in this case.

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