SAVANNAH, Ga. – On Wednesday the Board of Regents is set to vote on a recommendation to merge Armstrong State University with Georgia Southern University.

The vote comes less than a week after both communities were informed of the potential consolidations.

One student group concerned that the merge could have negative impacts are Greek students at Armstrong.

“We could have gone to Southern. But we want to be here and want to be part of this Phi Mu and this chapter,” Freshman Elise Swanson said.

“I just wish that Southern and Armstrong would have kinda released this to us before putting it all over media. Cause nobody knows what’s going on,” she said.

Swanson is just one of many concerned that their local fraternity or sorority will be dissolved if the merger goes through.

“Knowing that you built this, you did this with your hands, your blood, sweat and tears and to come back in 20 years and not be there, your legacy is over,” Senior Trandy Barnes said. He is one of the founding members of the ASU’s local Omega Psi Phi chapter.

Many students see Greek life as a highlight of their college experience. If the merger goes through Junior Logan Lawrence told WSAV he’s likely transfer.

“I was accepted to the University of Georgia last semester and I chose not to go because I love Armstrong and I love my organization here. But if I don’t have either one of those, what am I staying here for?”

WSAV reached out to both Offices of Greek life at ASU and GSU to see how a potential merger would affect local chapters but representatives said that no comment could be made before a vote is taken place.

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