BRUNSWICK, Ga. (WSAV) — On Monday, the three men convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery will find out how long they’ll spend in federal prison for hate crime charges. In February, a jury found Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael and William “Roddie” Bryan guilty of pursuing Arbery because of his race.

After almost two and a half years since Ahmaud’s death, his father said the family is holding up, but still struggling.

“We’re still trying to heal from Ahmaud which we never will,” Marcus said. “Because he was just irreplaceable.”

For the Arbery family, Monday’s sentencing will mark the final chapter of the Arbery’s battle in court to hold the men accountable.

“I look at how these men didn’t think about his life but they’re trying to justify themselves now when they had time to think before they went reacting, ran him down and gunned him down in the street that day,” Ahmaud’s father Marcus said. “Now they want us to have sympathy for them. But my family, we’ve got no sympathy for them.”

Judge Lisa Godbey Wood already denied a motion to dismiss the McMichael’s charges, saying there is enough evidence to support the men targeted Ahmaud because of his race, according to court documents. In addition, Greg McMichael is asking the judge for leniency in his sentence.

“Stand up and accept your punishment,” Marcus said. “My boy is in the ground now. All you had to do was leave him alone. Now you want someone to have some morals for you? My boy is gone. You’ve got to suffer now.”

Members of the Arbery family said they’re thankful for two guilty verdicts for the men and are hopeful for another life sentence on Monday. The family said when they get to court, they’ll be jointed by supporters who have been there with them since the beginning.

“I thank God that it’s back to the end for the McMichael’s,” said Diane Jackson, one of Ahmaud’s aunts. “After Monday, we can kind of come together a little bit but it’s still going to be there. Ques is not here anymore.”

News 3 will be in Brunswick to keep you updated on air and online with the judge’s sentence for the McMichaels and Bryan.