COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WSAV) – Curtis Edward Smith is back in a Colleton County Jail and should face a Judge again Wednesday.

The 61 year old Smith, also know as “Cousin Eddie” was picked up by authorities Friday on a “hold’ for the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. There is a bond hearing Wednesday at Noon in Richland County Court.

Curtis Smith was arrested in Colleton County Friday

The South Carolina Attorney General’s Office did not respond when asked what additional charges he may face, but Colleton County Sheriff’s say its 4 counts of Money Laundering, 3 counts of Forgery and Criminal Conspiracy.

Smith was already facing charges of insurance Fraud, Assault and Assisting Suicide in connection with Alex Murdaugh’s attempt last September to allegedly try and commit suicide.

Murdaugh has said he called Smith to a rural area of Hampton County and asked him to shoot him so Murdaugh’s son Buster could collect on the $10 million Insurance policy.

Smith has denied he shot Murdaugh, instead saying there was a struggle and the gun went off.

Murdaugh had to be airlifted from the scene to a Savannah hospital for injuries including a brain bleed and cracked skull.

Alex Murdaugh and Curtis Edward Smith (Credit: Margaret Murdaugh Facebook page via family spokesperson; Smith’s booking photo provided by Colleton County Detention Center via AP)

Smith was Murdaugh’s alleged co-conspirator in a series of insurance fraud schemes where the disgraced Hampton County attorney allegedly took millions from clients.

Smith has been named in at least one civil case that alleges that from 2015 through 2021 Smith received either personal checks from Murdaugh’s individual account and cashier’s checks from two fraudulent “Forge” accounts totaling approximately $2 million.

“Forge” is the fraudulent account set up by Murdaugh to allegedly launder clients money.

Murdaugh face 83 different charges. He remains in Richland County Jail on $7 million bond.