All Politics Are Local: A closer look at the long-awaited deal on COVID-19 relief, government spending

All Politics Are Local

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Each week, News 3 is taking the time to break down the local impacts of news coming from Washington D.C. and Atlanta.

WSAV Washington Correspondent Kellie Meyer joins WSAV NOW Reporter Jon Dowding to discuss the latest political news.

After months of negotiations, congressional leaders signaled over the weekend that they’re close to passing another round of COVID-19 stimulus.

The $906 billion deal would include sending out $600 checks to Americans, continuing unemployment insurance, as well as upholding an eviction moratorium.

If passed, lawmakers say this most recent bill would only last until about March or April 2021.

President-elect Joe Biden has signaled he anticipates passing more COVID-19 stimulus relief once he’s officially in office.

Lawmakers have until Monday night to also pass a government spending bill for 2021 after putting a one-day extension onto it Sunday.

Passage of the spending bill would prevent a government shutdown, similar to the one witnessed in December 2018.

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