Alabama woman speaks out about month spent alone, lost in woods


BARBOUR CO., Ala. (WSFA) – An Alabama woman is speaking out about the month she spent alone and afraid in the woods after fleeing the scene of a burglary.

“I’m just so happy to be home and recuperating. I just thank everybody for the prayers and support. It means a lot,” Theris says now. “Just being out of those woods is just the most amazing thing.”

Theris brought one thing with her out of the wilderness, a staff she made to help her walk. She thought she’d lost it when she was rescued, but a deputy put it in his car and brought it to her.

“This is where the roots were and I scooped them out and made it mine,” she said.

It’s one memento and so are the many, many bug bites.

“They cover my whole body,” Theris revealed. “The bugs weren’t so bad during the day because it was so hot, but at night it was the worst.”

The 25-year-old from Louisville, Alabama defied all odds, surviving 28 days alone, with nothing at her disposal but her will to live.

She was lost in thousands of acres of dense forest in Bullock County. It’s a huge plot of land void of homes or roads for many miles.

Investigators said for Lisa, it was disorienting and she admits, she was scared.

“You can’t imagine how large of an area it was. I couldn’t believe it. I kept thinking I would find a person or a house, even if it was empty, but there was nothing. Nothing but nature. That’s it,” Theris explained.Read more here.

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