Agreement between U.S Army Corps of Engineers and Tybee Island leads to more sand for beach renewal



Protection from future storm damage is the goal behind a new agreement between the City of Tybee Island and The U.S Army Corps of Engineers.

The new agreement made room for $12 million in federal aid for beach renewal.

“It’s really significant because of the impact and the benefits that it has to the local area,” said Col. Daniel Hibner with the U.S. Corp of Engineer.

With a storm looming in the Atlantic Ocean, Tybee Mayor Jason Buelterman says the agreement coming to pass is timely.

“We’re going to experience in all likelyhood higher water levels and possible storm surge so this is a time to be emphasizing how important a project like this really is,” said Buelterman.

The project is set to bring 1.3 million cubic yards of sand to Tybee Beaches.

The sand is set to arrive in November.

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