STATESBORO, Ga., (WSAV) —  Snow blanketed the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry Wednesday. For some it’s a four letter word, but for others it’s a familiar sight.

Most who live here couldn’t believe it, while others can remember the last time we experienced a real snow back in the late 80s.

Linda and Eddie Byrd live in Metter. She was here for the last time Savannah experienced inches of snow in 1989. “It was really heavy in 89 and I think we we’re a bit surprised because we weren’t looking for snow. For here it was a surprise. It was a beautiful surprise,” Byrd said.

She recently dealt with it in Atlanta, but this is a little different since it happened in her back yard.

“In 89 I believe it was for a few days so it’s a little different, this is a shorter duration. But it’s very very beautiful it’s blanketed to two towns Metter and Statesboro. Everybody has been very excited and they’re enjoying it,” Byrd says.

While she was prepared there were others like Brian Smiley was surprised as he drove back to Midway from Atlanta in the snow.

“I was hoping I could avoid all of this but in order for me to go home I guess I have to go through it,” Smiley said.

This is the same thing Shauna Huggins and her 16-year-old daughter Madison did. For Madison this was her first time seeing and experiencing snow. But her mom was a teenager back in 1989 for the last snow fall.

This time Higgins rode a little differently- on her all-terrain vehicle. She says, “I think it’s safer the roads are really slippery and slick so this is much easier.”

And her daughter had some fun, too.”We we’re pulling a lid container behind the four-wheeler and tubing on the ice,” Davis says.

Now that the storm has passed many wonder if they’ll ever see the mix of snow and palm trees again.