This summer, (and maybe a few months after that, because let’s be honest, the winter season probably won’t visit the Coastal Empire for a while), you want to be able to rock your shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits—with confidence!

But that doesn’t mean you need to rush to sign-up for a membership at the gym nearest you.

Every Friday this month, I’ve been exploring different, fun options to help you get in shape and maybe even out of your comfort zone.

This week, I’m getting into something that can help tone muscles in your core, shoulders and your back—aerials and acrobatics with the Stardust Pixxies!

Click ‘Play’ to see what it was like to take a class and why this is a class everyone of different abilities and skill levels, can enjoy.

They’re performing at Stage on Bay on Friday night. Check out the details below!

Click here to learn more about the Stardust Pixxies or if you’re interested in taking a class, send Jamie an e-mail: .