Remembering the past and protecting children in the future was the focus of a protest in Savannah Thursday morning.

Members of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests stood in front of the Savannah Catholic Diocese, holding up pictures of abused children.

Two Savannah victims, Christopher Templeton and Allan Ranta, were front and center, speaking about the priest who abused them at St. James, Father Wayland Brown.

“I was raped at St James, I was raped here in Savannah, GA and I was raped in South Carolina,” said Allan Ranta. “It’s very important for the truth to come out, Without the truth what remains is the lies, the lies of the Catholic Church.”

SNAP is asking for Father Brown, who is currently in Baltimore, Maryland to be put behind bars, now.

“If there was a child on this sidewalk riding his tricycle and a truck comes roaring down the street we don’t stop to think did we employ the driver of this truck,” explains Barbara Dorris, SNAP Outreach Director. “We will do everything in our power to save that child. Bishop Hartmayer is choosing to say if that child is run over I guess ill pay the hospital bill and sit behind his desk.”

SNAP also wants the Savannah Diocese to stop protecting their priests and admit they did something wrong.